Mazes Showcase

2022 Competition Submissions

17 teams competed in the 2022 competition,

producing four deliverables against a set of industry-realistic rules and guidelines. We are incredibly proud of the craft and effort that went into every single submission. View a snippet of them all below!

You can also view the prompt they had to follow here.

2022 Competition Winners

1st Place Overall

Team 9 | Feast of Flesh

2nd Place Overall

Team 4 | Persephone: Life Half Dead

3rd Place Overall

Team 10 | Neomenia: The Era of the New Moon

Best Presentation

Team 25 | All Roads Bleed to Rome

Best Schematic Design

Team 4 | Persephone: Life Half Dead

Best Writing

Team 9 | Feast of Flesh

Best Visual Development (Concept Art)

Team 9 | Feast of Flesh

Team 16 | The Heartspell Curse

Judges' Choice Award

Team 3 | Silver Scream: Starring Rosie Riley

Team 25 | All Roads Bleed to Rome

🦇 1st Place Overall! 🦇

Team 9 | Feast of Flesh

All members MFA Themed Entertainment Design, Savannah College of Art and Design.

  • Jen Wagner

  • Alyssa Phillips

  • Chris Thompson

  • Ray Zupp

In the year of our vengeful Lord, thirteen hundred and ninety five, the Black Death swept through our cities like a merciless wave–killing any and all in its path. Hearing tales of a manor just outside the city, a safe haven for those untouched by the plague, we fled to its doorstep–only now we suspect this place a house of horrors...

Copy of Feast of Flesh_Team9_MidsummerScreamPresentation.mp4

🦇 2nd Place Overall! 🦇

Team 4 | Persephone: Life Half Dead

  • Eve Katz, Writing - Savannah College of Art and Design

  • Josiah Evaristo, Civil Engineering - Georgia Tech

  • Emma Gronda, Illustration - Savannah College of Art and Design

The Goddess Persephone made an oath. She would spend half of the year with her mother, Demeter, and the other half in the Underworld. She hates this life she lives split in two and makes an attempt to break her promise, but such an act isn’t taken lightly.

🦇 3rd Place Overall! 🦇

Team 10 | Neomenia: The Era of the New Moon

  • Sarah Hicks, Masters in English - Middle Tennessee State University

  • Kim Mix, Production Design for Theme Parks & Attractions - Savannah College of Art & Design

  • Katie Almeda, Production Design for Theme Parks & Attractions - Savannah College of Art & Design

  • Rebecca Husk, Masters in Digital Studies - University of Chicago

  • Catherine Grace Wilson, Interior Architecture and Design - Florida State University

After becoming an intern for the 1970 space exploration program, you discover that cultists have liberated an alien from the moon that seeks to alter the minds and feast on the bodies of humanity.

Team 1 | Purgatorium

  • Alison Yanacek, Human Experience Design Interactions - CSULB

When in Rome...the gods, monsters, and mortals come out to play inside the gladiator ring. Do you have what it takes to reign victorious?

Pulling from Roman mythology, guests will face a litany of Gods, beasts, and other legends of lore. From monstrous lions to merciless gladiators, they must emerge victorious. These tests of might, wit, and will are a chance to win the favor of the gods, who watch over these examinations of the strength of the soul for nothing more than entertainment. Dare to journey through the darkest parts of the underworld? Every battle is one step closer to freedom, but be careful, one misstep will doom your soul to play these twisted games for eternity.

🦇 Judges' Choice Award! 🦇

Team 3 | Silver Scream: Starring Rosie Riley

  • Spencer Beck, Psychology and English - UCLA

  • Paige Brunson, Design Media Arts - UCLA

  • Melody Sivri, Mechanical Engineering - University of Central Florida

  • Jennie Tuliao, Communications - UCLA

  • Hallie Kendrick, Animation - CCAD

When the restoration of a “picture palace” condemned during the silent film era begins, the crew resurrects the spirit of a jilted starlet, who plans to take the voice and cut the life short of every guest she catches.

Team 7 | The Frightening 50's

All members Interior Design from California State University, Northridge.

  • Kenneth Oz

  • Robert Ruiz

As guests travel along historic Route 66, travelers must cautiously enter a mega-off road convenience one-stop shop in the middle of nowhere run by a family of psychotic blood-thirsty serial killers.

Team 8 | A Shining Era

  • Audrey Yoo, Human Biology - Michigan State University

  • Jacqueline Noel - Fordham/University of London

Returning from a long space voyage, guests must avoid being torn to pieces by a hive mind of dilapidated machines that have replaced humanity.

Team 12 | The Omniscient Eyes of Vitrum

All members Industrial Design Engineering from Costa Rican Institute of Technology (ITCR).

  • Gabriel Núñez Rojas

  • Olman Arias Valverde

  • Melina Gálvez Navarro

  • Josué Leiva Herrera

  • Tamara Solís Matamoros

From the outside, Vitrum might seem like any other social media company. But on their first day as interns, guests get trapped in a skyscraper filled with brutal devices of surveillance and torture, all run by sadistic higher ups trying to succumb the employees and testers to their mind control.

Team 14 | The Visionary

  • Hannah Sandeen, Mechanical Engineering - USC

  • Miranda Bumrung, Human Biology - USC

  • Joshua Jack Ryan Maddela, Business Administration - USC

  • Kenna Nankivel, Psychology - USC

  • Matthew Curnutte, Mechanical Engineering - CSUN

Escape through different eras of art as you watch the maddening descent of the famed artist: The Visionary.

Team 15 | Deaf Winds, Remnants of a Forgotten Beast

All members from University of Central Florida.

  • Clark Collins, Mathematics

  • Lily Schaub, Mechanical Engineering

  • Sam Beckwith, Digital art

A long forgotten beast forced out of desolate icy caves terrorizes Alaskan locals when it takes refuge in their hometown, causing them to enlist the help of the Entity Research Alliance.

🦇 Winner of Best Visual Development (Concept Art)! 🦇

Team 16 | The Heartspell Curse

All members from Ringling College of Art and Design.

  • Ethan Moore, Entertainment Design

  • Julia Nicolaus, Entertainment Design

  • Jack Bickell, Illustration

  • Potter Potter, Illustration

After a curse is placed on the Heartspell family, guests find themselves venturing between generations to encounter Heartspell bloodshed at the hands of each monster the curse brings to life.

Team 17 | Showstopper

  • Jacob Larson - Villa Park High

  • Chloe Noelle Theatre Production - Riverside City College

  • Ben Thompson

  • Jennifer Yu, Business Administration - California State Polytechnic University

Guests are cordially invited to the 1948 Hollywood premiere of the most technologically- advanced picture of the year at Starlight Studios, but when a mysterious figure traps guests in, audience members must fend for themselves as they face a series of dark, ruthless, and diabolical slaughters.

Team 18 |

All members from University of Central Florida.

  • Morgan M Flay, Mechanical Engineering

  • Ben Guzinski, Computer Engineering

The modern age is upon us, and the most powerful being has overtaken the world, the internet. A new site named has got the whole world talking about the mysteries uncovered in these videos. Unlike other sites, features true horror found within our world, exposing the monster’s horrific beings that run throughout our earth.

Team 20 | Phantasmagoria

All members Interactive Media from the University of Southern California.

  • Christopher Bowles

  • Autumn Collins

  • Lloyd Campbell III

  • Hannah Saftler

Renard the Magnificent was once the most sought after magician in the world, but cinema poisoned the minds of his audience. Enraged, he vanished – no one quite knows where. Until now, years later, he’s finally returned with a spectral performance unlike any other: so captivating, it’s impossible to escape.

Team 21 | The Malcomn Museum of Oddities and the Chronos Occult

  • Clarissa Estrada, Entertainment Engineering and Design - University of Las Vegas Nevada

When a museum of the occult is shut down due to unknown circumstances, a group of conspiracists explore the area to discover the artifacts of a dead cult whose spirits still remain.

🦇 Winner of Best Presentation and Judges' Choice Award! 🦇

Team 25 | All Roads Bleed to Rome

  • Andrew Bartleet, Civil Engineering - San Diego State University

  • Kristy Liou, Cognitive Science, Design and Interaction - University of California San Diego

  • Tyler Felipe, Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts - University of California San Diego

  • Sol Markarian, Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts - University of California San Diego

  • Robert Ketchum, Mechanical Engineering - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Descending into the Roman Catacombs of the sadistic Emperor Caligula, guests must navigate through the darkness of claustrophobic torture chambers to avoid becoming human sacrifices in Caligula’s quest to achieve immortality... and establish an everlasting era of his rule.

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